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CyberDuck: świat oczami kaczki (the world through a duck’s eyes)

projekt zrealizowany w ramach inicjatywy

Ochota na Naukę

finansowanej przez Miasto Stołeczne Warszawy.

(project realized within the action “Fancy for Science”, sponsored by the Capital City of Warsaw.)

CyberDuck at MakerSpace

Concept Hardware Software Multimedia


The spark that inspired this project is this video.

The ultimate goal is that of constructing an autonomous, real-size, realistic robotic duck, capable of filming and sensing the surrounding surface as well as underwater environment; in particular, it should be able to get relatively close to real ducks in order to shoot photos and make videos from a genuine duck’s perspective. During operations, CyberDuck will be connected to the internet via a 4G cellular network.


Creation and development team

  1. Giovanni Moreno (associate professor, University of Warsaw),
  2. Monika Stypa (elementary/middle-school teacher),
  3. Bartłomiej Poławski (high school student),
  4. Jakub Twardowski (high school student),
  5. Krzysztof Tyrka (high school student),
  6. Adam Sołtan (high school student),
  7. Jan Bielak (high school student).


Many thanks go to prof. Andrzej Wysmołek, head of the workshop MakerSpace, to its coordonator Piotr Kaźmierczak, as well as to the kind people who helped us there: Kamil Boryczko and Jan Dziedzic.