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CyberDuck: Hardware

3D Model

CyberDuck’s hull have been designed on the basis of this free 3D common mallard’s model; the propellers’ 3D models have been generated by Caeses’s free online B-Series Propeller Generator. Everyhting else have been created in Autodesk Fusion 360.

3D Model

See the CyberDuck 3D model on the Autodesk cloud

Simplified Schematics

Simplified schematics

Onboard Computer

  • BeagleBone Blue
  • 64GB MicroSDXC card
  • 10x USB 2.0 Hub


  • Modem 4G HUAWEI E3372H

Sensors, Cameras and Interfaces

  • GPS receiver OKYSTAR OKY3552
  • Weather Station I2C BME280
  • Underwater Temperature Sensor TMP35
  • Turbidity Sensor for Arduino Gravity SEN0189
  • Compact Optical Dust Sensor Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F
  • IR Cut 850nm LED infrared Night Vision USB Camera Module ELP CMOS OV7725
  • USB Camera Module ELP CMOS OV9712
  • USB waterproof endoscope
  • External audio USB adapter UGREEN 017735
  • Microphone
  • Waterproof Loudspeaker

Custom Boards

  • Interface board: it connects the turbitdity, dust and underwater temperature sensors with the BeagleBone’s analog and digital ports and it drives the BeagleBone processor’s cooling fan; it draws low-power 5Vcc and 3.3Vcc from BeagleBone’s own prototyping power rail, as well as from one of the brushless DC motor drivers’ battery eliminator circuit (5Vcc).

Interface board

  • Power board: it draws 11.1 Vcc directly from the 3S LiPo batteries and it feeds it to the DC-DC converter; the 5Vcc power rail feeds 4 plugs and an unalthered 11.1Vcc plug serves to power the BeagleBone.

Power board

Power Plant

  • Brushless DC motor FOXY G2 C2212-900 (2x)
  • ZTW Beatles Series 30A Brushless ESC (2x)
  • URUAV 11.1V 10Ah 30/60C 3S Lipo battery XT90 Plug (2x)
  • Step-down DC-DC converter 3A OKYSTAR OKY3504-0
  • Audio amplifier 3W OKYSTAR OKY2110

Ground Control

  • Gamepad LOGITECH G PAD F310 940-000135